1 - The FLEXOOR System works separating the door leaf when something is introduced into the door jam. The leaf returns automatically to its position.

2 - The force exerted on trapping the finger is especially compensated on the lower part of the door.

3 - Duration: 125.000 cycles (certified by AIDIMA, UNE 56858:91).

4 - The FLEXOOR hinges feature hard steel supports. Maintenance-free. No black dust produced. Silent operation.

5 - The FLEXOOR hinges prevent door deformations that result in a misalignment of the leaf with the frame.

6 - The FLEXOOR hinges can be right or left hand mounted.

7 - The FLEXOOR hinges feature notches that help to hang the door leaf.

8 - The door's milling is easy and it doesn't imply nor structural neither aesthetical modifications.

9 - Opening angle of 180º.

10 - The FLEXOOR hinges need no adjustment. The system adapts to each door by means of the position and number of hinges.