FLEXOOR hinges avoid the serious mutilations and injuries in case of trapping in the door jam (*).

Finger injuries in children are important. They create immediate problems like pain, inability to play or participate in school activities, apart from the anxiety felt by parents about recovery, deformity, use of fingers, disability, and shortening (amputation can also be caused, with permanent shortening of digits).

Most common types of trauma are:

A) Soft tissue injury with or without pulp loss.

B) Crush injury, frequently presenting fractures.

C) Partial or complete avulsion of the fingernail.

D) Amputation of part of the fingertip.

E) Infection as a consequence of earlier trauma from a door.

*Among the trappings that can take place in a door, the most serious ones are those that happen in the door jam. For being the most frequent ones (the zone remains invisible while closing the door) and because of the huge forces involved: the force used on closing the door generates another one in the door jam that can be up to eighty times bigger due to the lever action that the door produces.